The sun is always shining somewhere in the world. If you are like us, if you love the sun and like to work on your tan, then look no further, we've got you!

Almost all tanning enthusiasts are displeased with the tan lines that appear after a day in the sun.

Our entire swimwear collection introduces a new and innovative element to the swimwear world. The swimsuit concept is entirely based on a fabric that features microscopic pores enabling the sun's rays to creep in. This fabric comes in several pieces and bikinis helping you enjoy the sun and reduce your tan lines.  

Nevertheless, caution must be taken with the excitement of revolutionary tanning. Given these sun absorption characteristics, extra UV protection is strongly recommended. Since almost every part of your body is primarily exposed to the sun, you should be fully aware of this when applying sun protection. Our tan
 through swimwear offers little to no sun protection. To get a beautiful tan, just wear your favourite Sol Thru Wear® swimsuit with sun protection of at least SPF30 and enjoy your tan. It's that simple!

Photo: Ron Rungsaroy
Style: Robyn
Model Agency: Elite Adore