Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sol Thru wear®'s vision?
At Sol Thru wear®, we love a natural tan, that's why we created the perfect swimwear for you to enjoy! The fabric used to create all of our swimwear is made to give you a tan while wearing it.



How do we give back?
At Sol Thru wear®, we believe that the future of our environment is our responsibility. Find out how we contribute to a better tomorrow in our Charity page



How does Tan Through work?
Please have a look at our Revolutionary Tanning page for all information you need regarding our products. 



Will I tan through every part of my body while wearing the swimwear? 
Areas with folded fabric seams, crotch and shoulder straps will not be tanned. The suns rays cannot penetrate through these areas. We recommend you move the straps or take the straps off from time to time for a more even tan. 



Do I need sun protection while wearing your tan through swimwear?
Make sure you always wear an all-over body SPF sun protection of at least 30 to protect you from sunburn while wearing our swimwear.



What are the care instructions for the swimwear?
Machine wash according to instructions on care label
Cold Machine wash (30°C)
Do not bleach
Line dry in shade
Do not iron
Do not dry clean 



Can I swim in the ocean, sea or pool while wearing my Tan through swimwear?
Yes! The fabric used to make our products is not affected by the ocean water, sea water or chlorine present in swimming pools. However continuous or repeated exposure to chlorinated water may effect the print on our tan through garments overtime. We recommend the swimwear used is rinsed through after use.



Where can I find your reviews?
View our reviews here. You can also find individual reviews on the bottom of each item page, as well as on our Instagram highlights under 'Reviews'. 



How do I know what size I am?
You will find a size chart for each individual product on every product page. 



Where are Sol Thru wear® products shipped from?
All of our products are shipped to your directly from sunny New South Wales, Australia, with carbon neutral delivery!



What is the return policy?
Please refer to our refund policy page. 



What is the shipping policy? 
Please refer to our shipping page.



Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. 


Why didn't I receive my order Invoice/Statement or packing slip by email? 
At Sol Thru wear®, we believe that the future of our environment is our responsibility, that is why we don't print out order invoice/statements or package slips, we email them to you with each order confirmation email. Contact us if you need it to be resent to you by email:



Why didn't I receive a confirmation email/ return email/ reply to my enquiry email? 
Rest assured that we always send out confirmations and respond to your emails. Please have a look in your spam folder or junk mail folder as some emails end up there instead of your inbox. 



Can I buy Sol Thru wear® products in shops?
We are not selling in shops at the moment. 



Do you sell wholesale? 
Yes, please contact us for more information




How long will it take for me to tan?
The time it takes for you to tan through our tan through fabric is difficult to estimate. It all depends on your skin type, melanin production in your skin, intensity of the sun and how long you spend in the sun to allow tanning to take place. Try to wear Sol Thru wear® products as often as possible for a better result. 



How do I subscribe to Sol Thru wear®’s mailing list?
Simply add your email to our mailing list located on the bottom of each page so we can keep you updated on all of the exciting and new things our company is doing. Subscribers will also receive the latest coupon codes and be the first to know when sales are going on!


Our manufacturing process:

All of Sol Thru Wear’s unique pieces are designed in Sydney Australia, by a team passionate about making women feel better and more confident in their own skin.Our manufacturer in China is a small factory owned by two best friends. It is an ethical workplace with all employees being over 18 years of age and are paid viable livable wages as well as public holidays and weekends off work.The factory has been in operation for 13 years, and due to the boutique nature of their business they have an exceptional quality control department - 
We just love working with them!

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