Sol Thru Wear at the beach!


What better way of spending a summer day than at the beach?  

We are fortunate enough to have endless of beautiful and safe beaches with long stretches of glorious sands that are simply perfect for a day at the beach.

We have created a list of what we think are essential to pack for a relaxing day at the beach. This is a guide of hat we think are essential to pack to the beach, mix it up to fit your wants and needs. 


Sun Sol Thru Wear's tan through swimwear - Enjoy less tan lines while being covered! 

Sun Beach blanket & towel - Make sure to bring a blanket to lay on and a towel to dry yourself with once wet. 

Sun Your favourite book - What better time to catch up on your reading than at the beach? 

Sun Sun Protection - It is very important to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays! Make sure to pack an SPF of at least 30! 

Sun Your favourite snack - Pack a healthy snack to have handy when you get hungry at the beach, it will save you from leaving your perfect spot to look for a cafe.

Sun A water bottle - It goes without saying that staying hydrated is key on a hot summer day! Put some fruit in your water bottle to flavour it.

Sun A pair of sunglasses - Protect your eyes from the sun with a cute pair of close-fitting wraparound sunglasses. 

Sun Sandals - Sandals are great to wear on the hot sand as well as shallow waters with rocks. 

Sun A hat - Protect your healthy silky hair from sun damage with a hat. 

Sun Extra pair of underwear - Make sure to change into a clean and dry pair of underwear after being in the water to protect your PH balance.